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                               Electrodyne History
Ed Reichenbach 1937

Ed Reichenbach and Betty Jensen Transformers

 Ed Reichenbach & Betty Lou Johnson with "Jensen Transformers
by Reichenbach Engineering" jackets.
Jensen transformers price list 

             The History of Reichenbach Engineering,
          Electrodyne, QuadEight & Sphere

Original Wally Heider Invoice

Picture taken by Ed Reichenbach at Altec flag raising ceremony.
Circa 1944

Ed Reichenbach with Altec assembly line girls. Circa 1944

Transformers - (probably Ed's design) In Altec power amplifiers CIRCA 1944

Completion of flag raising ceremony.
Circa 1944

Altec power amplifier output stage.
Circa 1945

Altec Production Line

Reichenbach Engineering Company test bench at Los Angeles shop. Circa 1955

Front and back views of Altec power amplifier. Circa 1945

Ed in Reichenbach Engineering Company shop. Circa 1953


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