Cathedral Pipes hand built studio Microphones
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Cee Lo Green rerecording his latest hit for the Firefighters of America on
Cathedral Pipes.  Nice work for a great cause!

Saint John Baptiste
Regensburg Dom

 Tape Op Review
Westminster Abbey

Notre Dame
Cathedral  Pipes Users Microphones
Butch Vig Notre Dame
Randy Jackson Regensburg Dom
Andreas Carlsson Regensburg Dom
Benji & Joel Madison 1x Stephansdom, 1x Regensburg Dom
PJ Bianco Regensburg Dom
Eric Dill Regensburg Dom
Ravin Samone Karlskichre
Jon Pousette Dart Regensburg Dom
Oliver Leiber 2x Regensburg Dom
Keith Sommers 2x Stephansdoms , 1x Notre Dame
David Cover 1x Regensburg Dom, 1x  Nidarosdomen
Giddy Thaddeus Moore 2x Regensburg Dom
David Kopatz 1x Regensburg Dom
Steve Sundholm  1x Stephansdom, 1x Notre Dame, Saint Jean Baptiste
Colby Claggett 1x Regensburg Dom
Bob Stark 2x Regensburg Dom
Marcus Benett 1x Regensburg Dom
YB the Rockstar Karlskichre
Sebastien Riou Regensburg Dom
Victor Bellomo Regensburg Dom
Jed Lieber  2x Regensburg Dom, 2x Notre Dame
David Elliott Johnson Stephansdom
Paul Katzman Regensburg Dom
Lindsay Rimes 1x Stephansdom , 1x Regensburg Dom
Don Gunn Nidarosdomen
Will Pearsal Regensburg Dom
Stein Bratland Nidarosdomen
Jon Hollister Regensburg Dom
Derck Fiedler Regensburg Dom
Sam Pura  Nidarosdomen
Sabra Saber  Karlskichre
Ben Sanders Regensburg Dom
Julian Tulip Regensburg Dom
Lanna Del Ray 2x Notre Dames
Jeff Simonson 2x Stephansdoms
Will Stratton Notre Dame
Chuck Nein Regensburg Dom
Alex Fox Notre Dame
Frank Czaja Regensburg Dom
Marc Copely Stephansdom
Tom Robin Regensburg Dom
Michael Bratton Notre Dame
Nasri Regensburg Dom
Paul Jenkins Stephansdom
Jayme Silverstien Regensburg Dom
Remo Studer Regensburg Dom
Andy Hong Seville
Cedric Liataud Saint Jean Baptiste
Craig Avery Regensburg Dom
Daquan Crenshaw Notre Dame
Dave Alvey Regensburg Dom, Seville
Fausto Colella Notre Dame
Henri Saarelainen 2x Saint Jean Baptiste
Igor Muller Regensburg Dom
Johnny Helm Notre Dame
Mark Bolston Saint Jean Baptiste
Peter Kipley Saint Jean Baptiste
Cameron Glapin Regensburg Dom
Francis Malofiy  Notre Dame
Jay Carls Notre Dame
Matthew Luttinen Notre Dame
Kung Fu Bakery 2x Seville
Robert Wiejak Notre Dame
Peter DraaismaHenk  Saint Jean Baptiste
Ron Kopald Notre Dame
Shane McKenzie Regensburg Dom
William Lulofs Notre Dame
Tony Ruiz Notre Dame
Kevin Fisher Regensburg Dom
Anthony Kronfle Notre Dame
Andy Bramhall Notre Dame
Dan Franklin Notre Dame
Dusk Bennet LMU Saint Jean Baptiste , Seville
Two Bodies of Water studio Notre Dame
Neeraj Khajanchi 4x Regensburg Dom
Neil Wilson Notre Dame
Joseph Wasson  Notre Dame, Saint Jean Baptiste, Seville
Troy Goins  Notre Dame
Kenneth Price  Regensburg Dom
Alex Grignon  Notre Dame
Jason Offenbacher  Seville
Scott Altall Saint Jean Baptiste
Rick Gilbertson Saint Jean Baptiste
Paul Kosmala Saint Jean Baptiste
Justin Rich Saint Jean Baptiste
Jeffery Marshall Saint Jean Baptiste
Josh Bartell Saint Jean Baptiste
Mark Benedetto  Notre Dame
Richard Patterson  Regensburg Dom
Thomas Robin  Regensburg Dom
Frank Czaja  Regensburg Dom
Jerry Pelletier Notre Dame