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This represents only a small fraction of what we manufacture.
If you do not see it here, ask. We develop new ones all of the time to meet customers' requirements.
  Part Number


  CM-2121 210mH, 194mH, 75mH, 55mH Tapped EQ inductor    
 CM-2251-1 Inductance: 520mH, 420mH, 280mH, 120mH Tapped EQ inductor    
 CM-2251-2 Inductance: 420mH, 277mH, 145mH, 110mH, 61mH, 34mH Tapped EQ inductor. 7th tap comes out with stranded lead wire.    
 CM-2251-3 Inductance: 475mH, 625mH Tapped EQ inductor. 7th tap comes out with stranded lead wire.  
 CM-23111 100mH, 230mH, 530mH, 1.03H Tapped EQ inductor.    
 CM-2312  1.2 H Pot core audio inductor      


1.40H, 0.60H, 0.350H, 0.280H, 0.168H, 0.084H. 0.060H

Tapped recording lathe inductor



 4.67H, 2.0H, 1.17H, 0.933H, 0.560H, 0.280H, 0.200H

Tapped recording lathe inductor



150mH, 82mH , 68mH , 47mH , 33mH , 27mH

Pultec EQ tapped audio inductor

  EQ Sets CineMag manufactures numerous tapped inductors and inductor sets for switched frequency and graphic equalizers. Please contact us for your design requirements.

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