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CineMag was founded in 1979 in North Hollywood, California. Its mission is to manufacture the very best audio magnetic components in the world. However, its history goes back to 1953 when its founder, Tom Reichenbach, was a youngster and was already making transformers with his father, Ed.

Edward Reichenbach's experience in the audio transformer business goes back to Altec Lansing during World War II. Starting there, he designed many transformers which ended up in their equipment. There are some interesting pictures of Ed at Altec Lansing on the Cork Board. After Ed left Altec Lansing he manufactured audio and power transformers and inductors on his own. Eventually, Ed formed Reichenbach Engineering and developed a line of transformers which became ubiquitous standards in the pro audio industry. Tom worked with Ed until 1979, when he formed CineMag. CineMag was originally located at Reichenbach Engineering, but after a few years outgrew the facility.

In order to obtain the very best results in an audio design, it is imperative that each and every detail of manufacturing be closely watched. The smallest deviation from ideal manufacturing processes will result in product which does not meet our criteria. For this reason, we do all manufacturing in our own facility at Canoga Park, California.

Every device we manufacture must pass a thorough computerized test. This assures our customers that their product will deliver the best performance possible.

Dedication to excellence in manufacturing and service, as well as ongoing research and development, has distinguished CineMag as the leader in audio magnetics. CineMag offers a broad range of audio transformers and inductors to satisfy customer product requirements. By doing all manufacturing in-house we are able to maintain the highest standard of quality.

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