Audio Transformers By Cinemag Inc.

Application Notes

  App Note Name: Link to Aplication Notes
  Long Line Driver &  Receiver CMOL-2x600T2 AN-101.pdf
  Amplifier with Feedback from Output Transformer AN-102.pdf
  Long Line Driver &  Receiver CMOL-3x600T2 AN-103.pdf
 Output Transformer Lamination Selection AN-104.pdf
  Reduction of Hazardous Substances RoHS AN-105 pdf
 CM-9600T Vacuum Tube Output Amp with Feedback. Ampex 351 AN-106 pdf
 Langevin AM-16 microphone preamplifier AN-107 pdf
 Direct Box Transformer Applications AN-108.pdf
 Ribbon Microphone Output Transformer 1:18/36 Turns Ratio AN-109.pdf
 3-pin XLR AES audio Pinout AN-110.pdf
Impedance Switching for 2-Winding Mic Transformers AN-111.pdf
Audio Transformers Products from CInemag Inc. Los Angeles CA.

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