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 Microphone Input Transformers
  Microphone Transformers are necessary for good coupling of the microphone to the pre-amplifier stage. CineMag's experience goes back to the 1940s with Ed Reichenbach's pioneering designs for Altec-Lansing. The technology has made huge strides since then, but the reasons for employing CineMag's superior quality mic transformers remain the same: Excellent impedance matching between the microphone and the pre-amplifier, excellent balance and common mode rejection ratios (CMRR), very low distortion, and superior bandwidth.

   Part No.:

Impedance Ratio:

Operating Level:




150 : 600

+8 dBu

Mic transformer. p.c. and leads.

 CMMI-3.5C 150-1.84K +9.7 Mic transformer p.c. and leads. CMMI-3.5C.pdf  
 CMMI-3.5APC 150:1.8K  (1:3.5) -0.05dBu Microphone input transformer.  P.C. pin mounting. CMMI-3.5APC


150 : 3750

+10 dBu

Microphone transformer. p.c. and leads.



50, 200 : 9.8K

+7 dBu

Mic transformer, p.c. and leads.

CMMI-8C 150, 600 : 10K Multi-input impedance mic transfomer.  


150 : 10K

-1 dBu

Mic transformer. p.c. & leads.



150 : 10K

-2 dBu

Mic transformer. p.c. & leads.



150: 15K

-2 dBu

Microphone input transformer. P.C. pin mounting



150 : 15K

-1 dBu

Mic transformer. p.c. & leads.


 CMMI-10C 150 : 15K +5 dBu Mic transformer. p.c. & leads. CMMI-10C.pdf    

150/600:150K (1:5/10) 2.5dBu (strapped for 150 Ohms) Vintage mic input transformer. CM-2511.pdf    B11178B Hookup
U.R.E.I. Blueprint
 CM-28121     Langevin AM-16 input transformer CM-28121.pdf      


150,600 : 15K

-2 dBu

Vintage mic transformer. pcb & leads.

 CM-75101APC     Multiple input impedance.    
 CM-9944A 150/600:85K (1:23.8/47.6) +3dBu/150
input transformer.  Hum-bucking  (dual bobbin) construction.  High impedance ratio. CM-9944A.pdf      


50,200,300,600,1200,2400 : 9.1K


Multi-input impedance xfmr.

 CMQEE-3440A 37.5,150,600 : 50K -2 dBu Quad Eight vintage  
 CMQEE-3440APC 37.5, 150 : 50K   Mic/Line and Moving Coil phono pickup transformer.    
Microphone Input Transformers 

Audio Transformers Products from CInemag Inc. Los Angeles CA.

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