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                Audio Media International Review: Vertigo Sound VSC-3 Quad Discrete VCA compressor  
    Tape OP Warm Audio: WA-2A Tube Optical Compressor review.   Warm Audio with the world's best audeo transformers - Cinemag Inc.
Warm Audio
    Stereophile Bob's Devices Sky 40 transformer  
Bob's Devices Website
  TapeOp  Review WA12 Mic Preamp Warm Audio with the world's best audeo transformers - Cinemag Inc.
Warm Audio
  wall of sound   Wall of Sound Review of
Bob’s Devices
 Cinemag Sky 30
Bob's Devices Website
    Tape Op Review
Regensburg Dom Mic

  CAPI, Inc. Heider FD312   Capi logo
Classic Audio
Products of IL
    Lisson Grove R-124 Compressor  
Lisson Grove Website
Original Wally Heider Invoice
  Capi logo
Classic Audio
Products of IL
Ad for Heider FD312
Mic/Line pre-amp
    Retro Instruments Sta-Level Compressor  
Retro Instruments Website
  Warm Audio EQP-WAwarm audi/warm-audio-eqpwa.pdf  
Warm Audio
  A-Designs Pacifica Field Test

Press Release

A-Designs Website
AEA A840 - Active Ribbon Microphone  
Audio Engineering Associates Website
    Groove Tubes Vipre       Electrodyne 511
Sonic Farm Creamer Plus

Sonic Farm Website
SOS Review of Sonic Farm Creamer
Sonic Farm Website
    500 Series Preamps, Times Three
BAE 1073 MPL,
Sonic Farm Silkworm, Meris 440
Sonic Farm Website
  Sonic Farm Creamer 

Sonic Farm Website
  Bob's Devices Moving Coil
Phono CM-1131

Bob's Devices Website
    Sonic Farm Silkworm, Electrodyne 501 and Classic API Heider FD312
(All three use Cinemag Transformers)
Sonic Farm Website
  cinemag   Locomotive Audio's dual channel 286A  
Locomotive Audio website
    Sonic Farm 2di4 Pentode
 Direct Box Review
Sonic Farm Website
                Review: Sonic Farm 2D14
Pentode Direct Box
Sonic Farm Website

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