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 Line Input Transformers  
This represents only a small fraction of what we manufacture.
If you do not see it here, ask. We develop new ones all of the time to meet customers' requirements.

CineMag Line Transformers deliver the highest performance available anywhere. If you require a CMRR that is so good that it can hardly be measured
take a look at the CMOL-2x600T2  and the CMOL-3x600T2 . We do not limit our line transformer products to just one Faraday shield.
 If you require separate shields, we have the right transformer for your application.

Part No.: Impedance Ratio: Operating Level:
Notes:  Data Sheets
 CMLI-4x150D 150 X 4 +22 dBu Line input audio transformer with leads. CMLI-4x150D.pdf
  CMLI-600/600C 600 : 600 +14 dBu 600 Ohm line input transformer. Faraday shield. Lead wires & printed circuit pins CMLI-600/600C.pdf      
  CMLI-600/600C2 600 : 600 +14 dBu Dual Faraday shields. p.c. & leads        
  CMOL-2X600T2 600 : 600 +18.5 dBu Ultra Isolation audio transformer. Twin bobbins. Eliminates hum, buzz & grounding problems. CMOL-2X600T2.pdf      
  CMOL-3X600T2 600:600:600 +22 dBu   CMOL-3X600T2.pdf      
  CMLI-10/600 10K:600 +21dBu Pro to consumer HiFi leads CMLI-10/600.pdf      
  CMLI-10-10C(PC) 10K:10K +22dBu Low insertion loss. Faraday shielding. Superior CMRR CMLI-10/10C
  CM-24628(PC) 2.5K/10K:10KCT  +22dBu / +19.8dBV  Audiophile/Professional input transformer.XLR/RCA input capability, whether switched or not. CM-24628(PC)      
  CMLI-15/15APC 15K : 15K +18 dBu Low insertion loss interface xfmr. p.c. & leads. Single Faraday shield. CMLI-15/15APC.pdf
  CMLI-15/15B2 15K : 15K +20 dBu Low insertion loss interface xfmr. p.c. pins & lead wires. CMLI-15/15B.pdf      
  CM-2560 150/600:14.5K +8dBV Consumer to Pro   
  CM-99115 600 : 2.43K +19 dBu Consumer to Pro. Lead wires and p.c. pins.        

Line Input Transformer CineMag CMLI-600600C
CMLI-600 600C - Line Input Transformer
Line Input Transformers  

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